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June 22-24, 2015, Liberec, Czech Republic
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The 2015 IEEE International Workshop of Electronics, Control, Measurement, Signals and their application to Mechatronics provides a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing research results and presenting theoretical and practical applications in several areas of mechatronics. This conference is organized for relatively long time. Is is established on the close longlasting cooperation between Technical University of Liberec (TUL) and University Paul Sabatier (UPS) from France. It is organised every two year and the ECMS2015 event is the 12th. anniversary.

Previous ECMS Workshops were organized in Liberec - Czech Republic (1993-Electro Workshop), 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011), Toulouse - France (1997, 2001, 2005, 2013) and Mondragon - Spain (2009).

Steering committee consists from outstandings specialists from cooperating universities and from their external collaborants from the other universities and research instituties. Organising Committee is traditionally collected from the local academic workers. The conference topic is oriented to the themes, where the participants have an above-average results. The ECMS conference historically puts stress on PhD students, to give them an opportunity to discuss their results in as wide community as possible.

ECMSM 2015 takes place in June 2015 in Liberec, which is situated in the north of Czech Republic. Also this workshop is co-sponsored by the Technical Council on VLSI (TCVLSI) of the IEEE Computer Society (Conference ID: #34303). The IEEE co-sponsoring can finilize the transformation to the prominent event, to the conference with a long history and certified quality.

Conference informations on IEEE conference web page.

Formal proceedings of previous ECMS(M) can be found here

ECMSM-2015 News

25.8.2015 Scopus link is ( here)
25.8.2015 All the presented papers were published on IEEE CSDL ( here)
27.6.2015 Invited papers are presented here, and here are some photos...
24.6.2015 Conference is over. Thanks for participation...
22.6.2015 Conference opening.
15.6.2015 Program is finished - please see on HERE or on LEAFLET.
6.6.2015 Recommended deadline to send presentation is in one week - 14.6.2015.
17.5.2015 Early bird registration finished.
3.4.2015 Early bird registration was extended to May 17. 2015.
31.3.2015 Please accept our apology, we are still waiting for the last reviews so at this moment we are not able to open the review and acceptance results. We hope that at the latest on Thu. April 2. 2015 all the authors will be informed by email.
30.1.2015 Paper submission deadline is extended - Feb. 22. 2015...
17.10.2014 Conftool is running...
2.6.2014 RUN...

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