Jested Liberec 12th IEEE ECMSM-2015
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June 22-24, 2015, Liberec, Czech Republic
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Conference is organized in the building G (see MAP), on 3rd floor, all prezentations are given in room G312.
Registration desk is located in the entrance hall, just in front of the conference hall.
8:00 Registration
9:15 (Invited talk 1) J. SLOUPENSKÝ: Novel sensors in Rieter CZ s.r.o.
  S01: Information and Signal processing
  Chair: Z. Koldovsky
9:45  CHANG, W.T.  (R-6): Reactive Near-field Interference Using the Intermodulation of Quartz Oscillators
10:05  NECASEK, J.  (S-25): Fast and Portable Precision Impedance Analyzer for Application in Vibration Damping
10:25  JASIKOVA, D.  (R-29): Drop movement analysis on inclined surface for the adhesion coefficient determination
10:45 Coffee Break
  S02: Information and Signal processing
  Chair: Z. Pliva
11:15  SAFARIK, R.  (S-16): Methods for Rapid Development of Automatic Speech Recognition System for Russian
11:35  BOHAC, M.  (R-38): On Automatic Cross-Lingual Subtitle Timing
11:55  MATEJU, L.  (S-42): Investigation into the use of deep neural networks for LVCSR of Czech
12:15  CHALOUPKA, J.  (S-18): Study on Incorporating Tone into Speech Recognition of Vietnamese
12:35 Lunch
  Industry Session
  Chair: Z. Pliva
13:50  CEZ group: The work in CEZ Group by sight of graduate TU Liberec
14:10  MERZ s.r.o.: Real-time shape-based human detection in moving images (Practical application in a commercial project)
14:30  H-test a.s.: 10 bit oscilloscopes from Keysight Technologies – breakthrough in scope’s signal integrity
14:50 Coffee Break
  S03: Information and Signal processing
  Chair: J. Nouza
15:20  MALEK, J.  (R-19): Nonlinear Echo Cancellation using Generalized Power Filters
15:40  VASQUEZOBANDO, P.J.  (S-41): Multiscale Texture Analysis of Cervical Tissue for Labor Induction
16:00  BOULAIS, A.  (R-54): A geometrical blind separation method for unconstrained-sum locally dominant sources
16:20 break
  S04: Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  Chair: A. Richter
16:35  SAFKA, J.  (R-37): Optimal Tool Path Searching and Tool Selection for Machining of Complex Surfaces
16:55  EICHLER, J.  (S-44): Simple Analysis and Use of Preisach Model for Ferromagnetic Materials
17:15  CHATRAEI, A.  (R-53): Formation Control of WMRs with Obstacle Avoidance Using Fuzzy Artificial Potential Field
9:00 (Invited talk 2) E. SCHAEFERS: Model based control approaches for Machine tools
  S05: Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  Chair: V. Cadenat
9:30  SEUNGWOO H.  (S-9): Design, fabrication, and characterization of piezoresisitve strain gage-based pressure sensors for mechatronic systems
9:50  MEJDR, F.  (S-17): The Implementation of CNC Control Using Smart Device Controller
10:10  MAESTRO-WATSON, D.  (S-39): A Simple Deflectometric Method for Measurement of Quasi-Plane Specular Surfaces
10:30 Coffee Break
  S06: Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  Chair: J. Cernohorsky
11:00  LANDKAMMER, S.  (R-14): Static Modeling of an Antagonistic Pneumatic Actuator for Robotic Applications
11:20  AHMED, S.A.  (R-20): Neural Net Tracking Control of a Mobile Platform in Robotized Wireless Sensor Networks
11:40  SHVARTS, A.  (S-26): Modified A* Algorithm for Mobile Robot Path Planning in Search Space with Obstacles           WITHDRAWN
  S07: Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  Chair: S. Landkammer
12:15  JELINEK, J.  (S-27): Experimental Issues of the Model of the Enhanced RADIUS Protocol
12:35  BRAIER, Z.  (S-21): System of measurement and evaluation of AC servo motor’s mechanic, electric and control quantities
12:55  VOJIR, M.  (S-33): Global Data Structure for Positioning Machine Controlled by PLC
13:15 Lunch
  S08: Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  Chair: F. Pigache
14:30  SCHREIBER, R.  (S-8): An automatic measurement system for induction motor diagnostics
14:50  FLEURMOND, R.  (R-10): A redundancy based control law for executing a coordinated vision-based task using a dual arm robotic system
15:10  BERAN, L.  (R-15): Single-Phase Induction Motor Noise Caused by Improper Manufacturer Design
15:30  JAKSCH, I.  (R-11): The analysis of induction motor electromagnetic field and shaft revolution oscillations at dynamic rotor faults
9:00 (Invited talk 3) H.T.VIERHAUS: Error Resilience in Digital Integrated Circuits
  S09: Integrated Circuits and Dependable Systems
  Chair: H.T. Vierhaus
9:30  KOAL, T.  (R-5): Exploring Diagnostic Capabilities of Software-based Self-Tests for Production and In-Field Applications
9:50  SCHOELZEL, M.  (R-31): On the feasibility of handling manufacturing faults in embedded memories with software means
10:10  PFEIFER, P.  (S-34): On Utilization of BRAM in FPGA for Advanced Measurements in Mechatronics
10:30 Coffee Break
  S10: Integrated Circuits and Dependable Systems
  Chair: O. Novak
11:00  KUKACKA, L.  (S-24): Extra Low Voltage DC Grid LED Lighting Systems: Photometric Flicker Analysis
11:20  BRENOT, F.  (R-30): FPGA based accelerator for visual features detection
11:40  CVEK, P.  (S-35): GNU/Linux and Reconfigurable Multiprocessor FPGA Platform
  S11: Computer and Control Systems
  Chair: J. Nosek
12:00  BRANDT, J.  (R-28): Development of the Measurement and Control Module Controled by a Mobile Device
12:20  HORALEK, R.  (R-36): Multiple Model Predictive Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Voltage for Extending Cell Lifetime
12:40  KAHALERRAS, M.K.  (S-40): Analyses of temperature influence in piezoelectric transformers dedicated to plasma generation
13:00  GHENNA, S.  (R-1): Modelling, identification and control of a Langevin transducer
13:35 Lunch

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